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About Hancocks Woks

Hancock Oriental Cookware has been established for more than 25 years in the UK and is a privately owned business committed to serving the trade oriental food industry with non food products.
We have a proven track record in supplying some of the largest UK Chinese supermarkets with Chinese cookware including our Hancock range of Chinese woks and cookware which are produced on state of the art machinery. We also export a large range of our products to Europe.

The main products of the business are Chinese woks, various designs of oriental tableware, bamboo streamers, Chinese cleavers, chopsticks and all other associated products within the oriental food market. We also import authentic Chinese Cookware direct from China.

The business is operated from a wholly owned freehold site in Lydd, Kent, England, comprising of a one acre site accommodating over 10,000 sq ft of warehousing, offices and production area.

We are also in the Guiness book of records for making the largest wok on the 16th March 2000.